The Lightning Wall is a service that allows you to earn satoshis via Lightning Network
You can you use it to share public posts, advertising, businesses, thoughts or private images/texts

Rules are easy

⭐️ Post a simple message by payig a little fee of 200 satoshis

⭐️ The Payment Hash will be provided to you. Save it.
You will have one different Payment Hash per post unless you Sign Up.
By registering to the site you can easily track your posts/earnings in your personal dashboard.
Every new post will be automatically linked to your account

⭐️ Share your post anywhere you want

⭐️ Users can vote your post by paying a tip or the amount choosen by the author if the post is private

⭐️ Users can also comment your post and you can earn satoshis by receiving comments

⭐️ You can cashout your earnings with your personal Payment Hash. We only keep 5% for the service

⭐ You can contact us at

This site is made by @danbadjar

Feel free to connect to our public node:

We use LND and Bitcoin Core as Backend